The Portugal Air Summit takes place in Ponte de Sor, being a joint event of the municipality itself with TheRACE Events Agency.
This annual summit, has as main goal to gather and boost the industry in 4 areas:
– Aviation
– Space
– Defense
– Aeronautics

It aims to contribute to the development of business activity in the fields of air transport and aerial work, construction and maintenance of aircraft, their components and equipment, handling, supply and provision of services related to aviation, education and vocational training.
The event is today, for ICAO, an international case study, having been the main driver of the Ponte de Sôr Aerodrome, a strong catalyst of the local economy and having put the sector on the main agenda, both nationally and internationally.


24 - 27 MAY

Flying Into the Future

The 1st edition of the Portugal Air Summit took place at the Municipal Aerodrome of Ponte de Sor and was attended by the Minister of Economy, Dr. Manuel Caldeira Cabral, for the opening session.
The event had a conference program focused on the global future of the aviation, aeronautics, space and defense sectors, presented workshops and an exhibition area with the presence of about 60 companies from the sector, also assuming a strong component of tourism promotion of the region, reinforcing the strategic position of the Alentejo regional development in the secondary and tertiary sector.
The entertaining program of the first edition of the Portugal Air Summit included an air show with aerobatics, demonstrations of the capabilities of unmanned aircraft, a national championship of drones and ballooning sessions.



24 - 27 MAY

Flying For a Sustainable Future

In the 2018 edition, the conference program had a special focus on sustainability in the sector. The summit once again gathered the most relevant personalities from the industry, infrastructures and services to debate and analyze the future of the manned and unmanned aviation sectors.
The big novelty in this edition was the integration of the ARC – Air Race Championship in the program. This unique aircraft race is inspired by the famous Reno Air Races, with 8 aircraft racing simultaneously piloted by the world’s elite pilots on an oval circuit set up for the purpose.



30 MAY - 02 JUN

Powering Human Capital
In the third edition of the Portugal Air Summit, human capabilities, labor market and advanced training were part of the central theme of the conference program.
This time, following the event’s growth in the market, the second largest tent in the world and the largest in Europe – 270m long – was built to house more than 100 exhibitors, the auditorium through which more than 80 speakers passed, a VIP area with a restaurant that served more than 400 meals a day, the foodcourt and two meeting rooms.
Entertainment was also a constant through the Airshows, drone demonstrations and races, a Portuguese Air Force demonstration with the passage of F16s on site, and the ARC – Air Race Championship, which thrilled thousands with the speed and competition between 8 planes.



21 - 23 OCT

Flying Digital
With a theme of great relevance in the different areas of society and business, in 2020, the summit opted for difference and innovation, betting on a hybrid event, with only the physical presence of speakers and some guests.
Presented in the form of a television program, with reports, interviews and presentations on the sector and its future, the event had a strong online presence, reaching a vast audience in over 60 countries.
In parallel, the EUROC – European Rocketry Challenge was being held, constituting Europe’s first university rocket competition, where Portugal Air Summit guests were allowed to watch students assembling rockets.
Despite the pandemic experienced by all, the Portugal Air Summit continued to be part of the 2020 agenda!