Fábio Camacho

Head of Unmanned Aicraft Systems Department ANAC

Fábio has spent the past twelve years, focusing on air traffic control and air operations. During his

professional career, he has worked as an air traffic controller, licensed flight operations officer,

coordinator of international flight operations, operational procedures instructor, and has auditor in ATM/ANS and UAS domains (safety supervision).


He has participated in various working groups at the international level. During these engagements, Fábio was involved in several regulatory tasks, replied to consultations, contributed and participated in international meetings.  He as been representing ANAC in European Commission Expert Group for Aviation Safety, Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in UAS, U-space, SPN and ATM/ANS (TeB´s) matters, EUR Region ICAO´s coordination group (2018/2019), and in Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems. In addition to his work, Fábio has a internal leadership role as Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Department, and he is the Focal Point for U-space Services Local Single Sky Implementation.