Alexander Althuon

Business Development Digital Services - AIRBUS

Alexander Althuon is responsible to develop the market for data based services being developed under the Airbus SmartForce portfolio. He joined Airbus in 2008 and since them had a variety of roles in the helicopters business in France and in big system integration projects in the Middle East, where he developed extensive project management experience. Now, in Germany, Alexander sits in the intersection of new technologies and product development. His role emphasizes customer centric product development and focuses on anticipating industry trends, while leading engagements with customers to capture operators’ requirements, and ensuring they drive the developments of products based on end-user value generation, in a well-known iterative Agile method. Some of the areas where solutions are being explored relate to predictive maintenance, health monitoring systems, process optimisation, and demand forecasting. While fascinated by technology/aviation and being a certified data analyst and scrum master, Alexander actually graduated in Business from the Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil and also holds an MBA from the University of Manchester (Alliance MBS) in the UK.