Patrick Wood

Chief Technology Officer MARSHAL AEROSPACEL

Patrick Wood joined Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group as the Chief Technology Officer and Group Programme Management Director in January 2019, becoming the CTO and Engineering Director in July 2020.

Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in the Defence and Space Industry most notably as CEO of Surrey Satellite and Technology Ltd. (SSTL), Head of Global Business Development and Head of UK Space for Lockheed Martin Space and as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Airbus Defence and Space within the satellites business unit.

 As the Skynet 5 Programme Director he was responsible for launching and delivering in orbit all the Skynet 5 GEO UK Communications Satellites, in addition to delivering the satellite control centres, network control centres, Maritime sat com terminals and land mobile sat com terminals.

In 22 years in the European and UK Space Industry, Patrick has worked on space missions related to communications, navigation (GPS, Galileo, EGNOS), earth observation (optical, IR and Radar), science and launch, from orbits ranging from LEO, MEO, GEO to planetary exploration. Directly leading 4 satellite missions, working directly on 11 satellites and senior leadership responsibility for 52 satellites.