Dr. George Nikolakopoulos

Chair in Robotics and AI Luleå University of Technology

I work as Chaired Professor in Robotics and AI at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. In the past I was also affiliated with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at Pasadena, California for contacting collaborative research on Aerial Planetary Exploration.

My robotics team participates in the DARPA Grand challenge on Sub-T exploration with the team of CoSTAR lead from JPL/NASA where we have won the 2nd Stage of the competition. I work also as a member of the European Union ARTEMIS Scientific Council (6 members in Europe) in the field of Robotics and AI and I am co-leader of the Luleå University of Technology Excellence area of Intelligent Industrial Processes. Finally, I am the LTU representative at the EuRobotics PPP at the European Commission and I am also a member of the IFAC Technical Committee in Robotics and AI. We have also an active collaboration on Robotics and AI with the HONDA Research Institute at Japan.

My work is focusing in the area of Robotics, AI and Control Applications, while I have a significantly large experience in Creating and Managing European and National Research Projects. In the past I have been working as project manager and principal investigator in Several R&D&I projects funded by the EU, ESA, Swedish and the Greek National Ministry of Research, with some examples to be: a) EU funded projects: FLEXA (IP), C@R (IP), NANOMA (STREP), SYMBIOSIS-EU (STREP), CONFIDENCE (STREP), PROMOVEO (STREP), CommRob (STREP), b) ARTEMIS funded projects: R5-COP, and c) Swedish funded projects: Mine Patrolling Rovers, Pneumatic Muscle Dancer, etc.

Beginning 2015 I have granted the FETopen project in H2020 entitled CompInnova in the field of airplane inspection by advanced inspection methodologies and robotics. My participation in the project is to design and evaluate novel vortex robotic approaches crying the inspection equipment. The project has a total budget of 2.5M Euros and will run for 42 months, starting from September 2015.

In 2014 I have granted as coordinator the H2020-ICT AEROWORKS project in the field of Aerial Collaborative UAVs and the H2020-SPIRE project DISIRE in the field of Integrated Process Control of a total budget of 12M Euros. In 2013 I have received a grant of 220K Euros for establishing the bigger outdoors motion capture system in Sweden and most probably in Europe as part of the FROST Field Robotics Lab at Luleå University of Technology.

In 2014, I have been nominated as LTU’s Wallenberg candidate, one out of three nominations from the university and 16 in total engineering nominations in Sweden. In year 2003, I have received the Information Societies Technologies (IST) Prize Award for the best paper that Promotes the scopes of the European IST (currently known as ICT) sector. 

My publications in the field of UAVs have received top recognition from the related scientific community, while have been several times listed in the TOP 25 most popular publications in Control Engineering Practice from Elsevier. In 2014 I have received the  2014 Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Control Theory and Applications, Elsevier for our research work in the area of UAVs, This is a Premium Award to recognise the best research papers published during the last two years in this Journal.

My published scientific work includes more than 150 published International Journals and Conferences in the fields of my interest. Moreover I have served as IPC member and Technical Track Chair for multiple international conferences and have been Associate Editor and Reviewer of Several International Journals and Conferences.

Finally, I have created the spin offs Widefind (www.widefind.se) and FieldRobotix (https://www.fieldrobotix.com/). For a full list of activities please visit www.gnikolak.com