Nico Avdelidis


Professor Avdelidis has contributed extensively in several research areas including the area of UAV inspections and monitoring (as an Associate Professor in Autonomous Systems Sensing at Cranfield University between 2017 to 2018), automated NDT systems (working in various industrial positions including the aerospace and robotics industry), as well as advanced imaging inspection techniques for aircraft structures (as a Research Professor at Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada since 2008). Since July 2020 he has joined Cranfield as a Professor and the Head of the IVHM (Integrated Vehicle Health Management) Centre and with the facilities currently under use and development in Cranfield, such as the Digital Aviation Research Technological Centre, with its own hangar to accommodate aircraft, as well as fully equipped hangar for inspection and health diagnostics (hangar of the future concept) will be also looking into using digital twins in order to create a digital model of the aircraft and continually update the performance model with feedback from real life testing and operations, enhancing the management and operation of the aircraft.  

Professor Avdelidis is also a collaborator on the oN-DuTy Programme in Canada and a member on various industrial committees and advisory boards. His expertise spans NDT monitoring and diagnostics, robotic and autonomous systems in MRO, advanced sensing and imaging technologies, and vehicle systems monitoring. Finally, he has extensive knowledge in IP management and commercialization (route to market) in various technological domains, such as non-destructive testing and evaluation, imaging, diagnostics and monitoring systems, composite aerospace structures, robotics and autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence.