Gonçalo Carpinteiro

Avionics Engineer - TAP Air Portugal

Gonçalo started his career in the aviation industry in 2006 when he joined TAP Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) as an Avionics Engineer in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering department. There, during approximately 10 years, he performed several engineering activities related mainly to Communications, Navigation, Instruments and IFEC systems.

During this period, in 2011, Gonçalo was the first TAP representative in the A350 XWB Airline Office, which was a program created by Airbus in order to obtain direct operational feedback from a selected group of Airlines during the development stage of the A350 XWB. Here, he had the opportunity to directly participate in several aspects of the design and certification of Avionics systems and as well as of the e-Operations concept.

Currently, and since 2017, Gonçalo is working in TAP M&E Airworthiness/Fleet and Projects department where he is coordinating the preparation and implementation of several fleet-wide retrofits, including those in the scope of the avionics mandates affecting TAP fleet operation. Additionally, he is also part of the team responsible for the technical aspects of the recent TAP fleet renewal, including the coordination of the technical teams involved in several aircraft phase-ins and phase-outs.

As part of his current role in TAP, Gonçalo regularly participates in several forums where all relevant aspects of the avionics mandates are discussed, as for instance the IATA/A4E JURG and the ARINC AEEC.