Maj. Diogo Duarte

Avionics Expert - Portuguese Air Force

Major Diogo Duarte has been working as an Aerospace Engineer specialized in structures since 2006 in the Portuguese Airforce, where he gained experience in Materials evaluation, Structural Analysis, Maintenance Programs, Structural Repairs, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Aircraft Accidents Investigations. Major Diogo Duarte is an effective member of the Nominated Commission for Aircraft Investigation of the Portuguese Air force since 2009, position in which, he has conducted several Aircraft Accident Investigations with Portuguese Airforce aircraft. Also, Major Diogo Duarte was the PRTAF NDT Level III for several years and represented Portuguese Airforce in the Portuguese NANDTB (National Aerospace Non Destructive Testing Board). Major Diogo Duarte ceased his activity as structures engineer in 2015, when he started his graduation course for Major, after which he started a new stage in his career, as airworthiness manager in the Air Force and also in the Portuguese NMAA (National Military Airworthiness Authority). In his functions in the Portuguese NMAA, Major Diogo Duarte has specialized mostly in part 21 activities, taking part of all the military aircraft modification processes and acquisition programs that the Portuguese Arm Forces have encompassed in these last five years. During his career, Major Diogo Duarte has produced a number of relevant publications in the areas of material sciences, Non-Destructive-Testing, RPAS certification and aircraft accident investigations.