Jorge Pereira

Head of Civ-Mil CNS Unit - EUROCONTROL

Since June 2002, Jorge Pereira has been assigned to the EUROCONTROL Organisation as the Head of Civil-Military CNS Coordination Unit within the Civil-Military ATM Coordination Division (CMAC). His technical activities embrace Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS), Data Processing, Spectrum and support to Interoperability Rule-Making and Standardisation.

Jorge Pereira leads a technical team focusing on military-military and civil-military CNS interoperability and technology convergence, providing civil-military CNS interoperability contributions to rule making, research and deployment initiatives. In his portfolio of activities there is also direct support to Stakeholders and International Organisations including the provision of military technical CNS advice and guidance.

His activities deliver and maintain migratory roadmaps and technical CNS guidance to address civil-military system interoperability challenges leading to a reduction of aviation infrastructure modernisation impacts upon civil and military organisations mitigating related costs and technological mismatches.

He promotes, in particular, concepts leading to the dual use of avionics equipage for State aircraft, performance based compliance/performance equivalence, CNS infrastructure rationalisation, convergence of CNS technologies between civil and military as well as innovative research to limit the impact of aviation modernisation upon military organisations.

Jorge Pereira is the Chairman of the EUROCONTROL Civil-Military CNS/ATM Interoperability Focus Group (CNS FG).

Jorge Pereira holds a Master degree on Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering by the Lisbon Engineering Institute (ISEL). He progresses PhD/Doctorate studies at the Brussels University (ULB) on the application of software defined radio technologies to aviation.