Hugo Hilário
Kartik Kumar
Analog Astronaut


I am an Aerospace Engineer and Planetary Scientist by training. I’ve worked on a variety of research projects, ranging from the design of space missions to the modeling and simulation of planetary rings. In 2010, I initiated an on-going, open-source project, to develop a toolbox for astrodynamics simulations Tudat. I’m currently working towards finalizing my PhD in Aerospace Engineering, studying the mysterious dynamics of Uranus’ outer ring system.I’m also co-founder at satsearch. Our mission is to democratize access to the global space supply chain, by indexing all of the products and services offered by suppliers worldwide. By building a knowledge graph on top of the supply chain, we’re opening up the opportunity to employ advanced algorithms to support complex systems engineering and procurement for the next generation of space missions.I’ve been passionate about space ever since I can remember. I’m involved in a number of different space organizations and activities. I’m currently an Analog Astronaut at the Austrian Space Forum. I’m also co-National Point of Contact for the Netherlands for Space Generation Advisory Council. I co-organized two SpaceUp unconferences: SpaceUp NL 2014 & 2015. My goal is to try and contribute to the space industry as best I can, whilst also helping to open up the doors to others.