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2022 Speakers and Full Schedule will be announced soon.

However, you can review last year’s event, the full program, or the complete list of speakers who attended the Portugal Air Summit last edition!


Tânia Simões

Tânia Simões

Chairman of the Board of Directors ANAC
The Portugal Air Summit (PAS) emerged in 2017, at a crucial moment for the development and growth of the aeronautical sector in Portugal and to make the Ponte de Sor municipality and its potential known to the world...

Paulo Lagarto

Paulo Lagarto

NAV Communications Director

"Providing a unique platform in Portugal for the creation of new opportunities in R&D, sharing synergies, and for the positive and innovative contribution to the sustainable growth of the country and the aviation sector, NAV Portugal's presence at the Portugal Air Summit is, of course, unquestionable."

Bruno Teles

Bruno Teles

Kiosque da Aviação
“We have been at the Portugal Air Summit since its first edition. It is undoubtedly a unique event. Currently, it is the only one, at an Iberian level, where it is possible to bring together all the players in the aeronautical industry in its various areas.”
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The Portugal Air Summit (PAS) emerged in 2017, at a crucial moment for the development and growth of the aeronautical sector in Portugal and to make the Ponte de Sor municipality and its potential known to the world. The promoters had a vision of the future and the ambition to bring together the most relevant entities and personalities in the aviation sector with the purpose of debating and analyzing the potential and future of civil aviation, aeronautics, space, and defense. More than a summit, PAS is a meeting point for the sector’s stakeholders and a center that creates opportunities to showcase and do business. The event is one of the main drivers of the Ponte de Sor Municipal Aerodrome and has already been considered an international case study by ICAO. Over the years and in several editions, this aviation summit has contributed to placing Portugal on the route of all the sector players, involving almost all continents, with special emphasis on Africa and the Portuguese-speaking countries, and for that, I congratulate Hugo Hilário, Mayor of Ponte Sor, The Race, as the organizer, and all those who participate, year after year, so that the event takes place with more quality and national and international impact. With all the challenges that have arisen from edition to edition, especially the pandemic situation by COVID-19, even with all the constraints imposed, achieved another successful year, which boosted the Portugal Air Summit in the digital world, making it mail global and more dynamic. Throughout the five editions of the event, many were prominent names that were part of the conference program: national and international speakers from among the main players representing the most diverse areas of the aeronautical sector, both at the governmental level, national and international organizations, and associations, and private companies operating in the areas of aviation, aeronautics, space, and defense. The National Civil Aviation Authority has always been present at this event, collaborating and actively participating in all editions of the Portugal Air Summit. Indeed, the relevance of the Portugal Air Summit for the sector and the impact it has on society leverages the image of the national aviation sector and projects the name of Portugal abroad, which is for ANAC a reason for satisfaction and justification to support the initiative and, in this way, have the opportunity for direct contact with various stakeholders and the general public, in a healthy and close environment. ANAC will continue to be part of this and other projects and to support this very important Summit, now in its 6th edition, where the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices is evident and from which we all leave with more knowledge and value.

Dra. Tânia Cardoso Simões
Chairman of the Board of Directors ANAC

Rafael Schvartzman

Rafael Schvartzman

Regional Vice President Europe, IATA
“The Portugal Air Summit 2020 was a remarkable event, well organized and delivered despite a terrible context caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Not only did it serve as an excellent advocacy platform, but it also offered valuable networking opportunities.”
Manuel Costeira da Rocha

Manuel Costeira da Rocha

Commercial Director H2, Smartenergy

"The Portugal Air Summit, organized in good time by the Municipality of Ponte de Sor is an event of the highest level that we are very pleased to be associated with. It enhances the opportunities of the country's interior region, taking advantage of local resources and the most advanced technology, attracting investment, creating wealth, and interesting job opportunities for young people. It is commonly said that "the path is made by walking"; in Ponte de Sor, it is made by flying!"

Ricardo Conde

Ricardo Conde

Presidente Agência Espacial Portuguesa
“The Portugal Air Summit has already established itself as one of the most relevant aeronautical events in Europe. We are proud to be able to contribute for it to gain dimension also in the space sector. It is, therefore, an honor for the Portuguese Space Agency to organize the second edition of the first European rocket competition, the EuRoC, in parallel with the PAS.”
Christine Ourmière-Widener

Christine Ourmière-Widener

CEO TAP Air Portugal

“Portugal Air Summit has already become an unavoidable event in the national and even European aviation scene and the presence of TAP is the recognition of the event's dimension and of all the possibilities it offers to those who are part of this industry. We are, once again, together, TAP and PAS, in the common intention of contributing to the growth and development, at all levels, of the aeronautical and aerospace cluster.”

Miguel Passanha

Miguel Passanha

CEO, MPC DesignWorks
“The Portugal Air Summit is a celebration of aeronautics in Portugal, which brings together air shows and talks, an excellent showcase of the skills acquired and the potential we still have to develop from engineering and industry to training and ideal conditions for flying.”
João Roque Santos

João Roque Santos

SEO ExpertHead of Training | Pull Up Academy’s co-founder
“The Portugal Air Summit is the showcase of aviation in Portugal. It was the opportunity to project Pull Up Academy in the national and international market. Portugal Air Summit is a bet for the future.”