PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT has a new format and European positioning

PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT has a new format and European positioning

Success dictates the separation of the international and national dimensions with alternating events.

The PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT has adopted a new format, due to the strategy of sustainability and growth of the event for the next decade. In Ponte de Sor, the summit will take on an exclusively international dimension, becoming biennial and always in even years, starting in October 2024. In the odd years, the PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT focuses on a national dimension and agenda, with itinerant passage through the cities of the regions with greater representation of the Portuguese aeronautical cluster.

This change is the result of the natural evolution resulting from the success achieved by the PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT which, in the last few years, has gone beyond the Iberian borders and positioned the summit at a level capable of competing at a European level. There was, then, the need to readapt its cadence and adjust it to the international parameters: the biennial realization of the expository summit for national and international stakeholders, with a strong focus on the convergence of scientific, industrial, academic and business areas, creating a space for discussion and sharing of excellence, recognized beyond borders for its global character.

In this way, the PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT will continue to be held at the Ponte de Sor Municipal Aerodrome every two years and interspersed with the Paris Summit. This time extension between exhibition summits allows a greater concentration of investment in even years, which naturally results in an even more competitive and attractive event for exhibitors, companies, entities, and agenda availability of international speakers. The entertainment component will also remain with great prominence and capacity to attract thousands of visitors and curious people to this city of Alto Alentejo.

In its debut format, the nationwide PORTUGAL AIR SUMMIT will start this year in Lisbon, between October 24th and 26th, at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. The Portuguese capital is the first city to host the summit in odd years, in what is its seventh edition, focused on the geostrategic discussion of the sector and structural policies to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of our country.

This is an exclusive summit for business players, educational institutions, regulatory bodies, government departments, investment groups, and other organizations with a presence in Portugal. And it presents a distinct concept marked by environmental sustainability, by being supported by an innovative multimedia structure, which favors digital content and the presence of brands exclusively in this format, eliminating the production of conventional structures or stands, at a level of exposure never before witnessed in Portugal.

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