Fly In

It is again available the possibility to “fly in” to the Portugal Air Summit allowing you to visit us with your light or ultralight aircraft.

Just submit your request for approval and get ready to make a “full stop” at Ponte de Sor airfield between October 12th and 15th 2022.

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    Important informations:

    - Refueling at the Municipal Aerodrome of Ponte de Sor may be limited to periods of the day, pre-defined by the availability of Aerodrome services (pre-booking GFS - Global Flight School, Luís Silva - 965 214 412).

    - WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS for refueling after landing and BOOK THE LANDING.

    - PILOT AND PASSENGER will be required to wear REFLECTING CLOTHES at all times during the entire operation from parking to the exit to the landside.

    - No HANGING will be provided by the organization during the stay.

    - No AIR ROAD USE FEES- (FPL ITEM 18 RMK/PAS22 FLYIN) will be charged mandatory.

    - AIRCRAFT ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES on October 12, 13, and 14, 2022 will be coordinated with the AFIS LPSO service between 10:30 and 13:00 LMT and between 15:00 and 17:30 LMT.

    - AIRCRAFT ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES on October 15, 2022, will only have the following schedule: 10:30 LMT to 12:30 LMT and from 17:50 LMT to Sunset.

    - It must be completed in the FLIGHT PLAN - Item 18 RMK/PAS22 FLYIN, to be exempt from landing and takeoff fees.

    - Completion of the FLIGHT PLAN to and from LPSO is mandatory.

    - The rules for use of the aerodrome and airspace are expressed in the VFR-LPSO MANUAL.

    - You must follow the SPECIFIC INDICATIONS OF SIGNALS/MARSHALLERS on the Parking Apron (see map below).

    - COME ON TIME and have a cooperative attitude and follow the AFIS instructions.

    Additional Notes:

    It does not grant privileges, other than the exemption from landing or take-off fees.
    Night parking equal to or greater than two days will be charged at the current published rate for LPSO.
    Supply of fuel if necessary will be provided by GFS and will be paid at the time of supply.

    I have read and understood the instructions and procedures:

    YesNo and I need additional information to be contacted.