Which is the event’s format?
The event features conferences, an exhibitor area, interviews, daily airshows and an evening show.

To whom is the event addressed?
The event is mainly for professionals in the areas of Aviation, Defence, Aeronautics and Space, managers of public and private entities, and teaching centres. However, everyone who wishes to visit and is interested in the topics covered in the event is free to enter.

Who are the target audiences for each day?
On the first three days, despite the event being open to the general public, the focus will be on the sector’s professionals and stakeholders while the conferences take place. At the weekend, it will be an entertaining programme with airshows and an evening show, to which all are welcome.

What are the event’s aims?
It is an event that brings together the most relevant entities and personalities in the industry to debate and analyse the potential and future of aviation, aeronautics, space and defence and is a meeting point for the sector’s stakeholders.

Which is the core theme of this year?
This year, the Portugal Air Summit’s core theme will be the recovery of the aviation sector after the COVID-19 pandemic: “Flying for a new start”.

How will this event be held?
The event will run with a limited number of people, which depends on the national pandemic landscape in October and the public health regulations in place at the time. With the current pandemic situation, we can expect around 3,000 daily visitors to the event venue.
The digital presence and transmission in a television format will always be present and will guarantee the event.

When is PAS scheduled to take place?
Between 13 and 17 October.

Where will the event be held this year?
This year the event will be back at the Ponte de Sor Aerodrome.

How many attendances are expected at the physical event?
Around 3 000 daily.

How to get into the event?
The event is free, open to the general public.
If you are a guest, sponsor, staff member or partner, you will receive instructions from the production staff to receive your credentials.

How do I access and where do I leave my car?
There will be several parking areas near the event for those who wish to visit the event.

Where to eat?
At the Food Court, in the VIP Lunch area or at the Networking Lounge (coffee-break)

Is WiFi available at the event?
Yes, available to all.

Is the event accessible?
The venue is large and has easy access. If you have any special needs, please tell us about your requirements via the following contact:

Can I go to PAS with my aircraft?
It is possible to visit the event with your aircraft. To do so, please submit your request via email to

I am a guest, but I will not be able to attend.  Can I give my invitation to someone else?
This situation should be analysed in each case, depending on the associated accesses. Any request for changes should be forward to the same way you received your invitation.

How can I promote the Portugal Air Summit on my social media posts?
To promote the event on your social networks, you can use the hashtag #portugalairsummit or tag the event in your publications. On Instagram, you can also use our stickers in your stories. Search for – air summit – and you will have access to all the event stickers.

When will the Conference Programme be available?
The Conference Programme will be published progressively until the date of the event.

Are the conferences open or guest only?
The conferences will be open, with access through registration and with a limited capacity established according to the rules in force of the DGS. They will also be in live streaming on the event’s online platform.

How can I watch the online broadcast of the event?
To watch the online broadcasting, you will have to register through our website to access the online platform of the event.

How can I watch online a session that has already ended?
The presentations will be available on the YouTube channel of the Portugal Air Summit.

What is the Networking Lounge?
It’s an exclusive area for speakers, partners, sponsors and guests.
It is a B2B Area, where it will be possible to interact with other participants and enjoy the Coffee break.

What is the Airshow?
It is a performance where one or more planes execute breath-taking acrobatics, providing a fun, dynamic and exciting moment for all participants. It will take place every day, at lunchtime on the 13th, 14th and 15th October and along the 16th and 17th.

Where can I watch the Airshows?
There will be dedicated outdoor areas to enjoy the airshow and so you can also be online through our online live streaming platform.

There will be an aircraft static display area?
Yes, there will be an outdoor area for aircraft and other equipment exhibitions.

Do the Media have access to all areas of the event?
The Media have total access to the event, except for the reserved areas, and they will have an exclusive work area.

I am a Media representative and would like to cover the event. How should I proceed?
You should go to the event site at on the media tab and submit your request for media accreditation. As soon as the request is approved, you will receive an email with all the necessary information/credentials to access the event.

Is it mandatory to wear masks at the event?
The event will always obey the rules implemented by the DGS.
Depending on the measures in place at the date of the event, it may or may not be mandatory.

Do I have to show a digital vaccination certificate or a negative test for Covid 19 at the entrance?
For access to the event, you must present a digital vaccination certificate or a negative test for covid-19 within the last 72 hours. If you do not have the certificate or a test, you can always do a quick test at the entrance of the event with a medical team prepared for this purpose.

What is EUROC?
Euroc is a partnership with the Portugal Air Summit.
It is a European rocket competition, in which European students in the aeronautical area participate.

When and where does EUROC take place?
Euroc also takes place at the Ponte de Sor Aerodrome, between the 11th and 17th of October, where the equipment will be assembled. The launches will take place at the Santa Margarida Military Base (only for guests).

When is the competition?
The competition will run from 11-16 October, with the awards ceremony on 17 October.

How many teams will compete?
There are about 20 teams, resulting in about 400 students competing.

Will the general public be able to watch the competition?
For security reasons, entry will only be allowed to guests.