Why to attend?
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At the Portugal Air Summit, the most relevant themes are debated by the best speakers in the sector. The summit is an excellent place to acquire new knowledge and keep up to date on all the news in the market.
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With several spaces that provide networking opportunities, both online and offline, the event is the ideal place to meet.
Join the experts and professionals in the field and hold meetings on-site or on our online platform.
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Generate Leads
With the most varied personalities from the industry present at the Portugal Air Summit, for sure that you will find potential customers and expand your network of contacts. Whether in person or online, there will be no shortage of business opportunities.
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Exhibition Area
At the Portugal Air Summit, you will find a premium exhibition area with dozens of partners of excellence in the areas of aviation, aeronautics, space, and defense. A space shared by dozens of national and international companies, associations, public entities, higher education institutions, and many others.
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Air Show
With a unique show in Portugal, the Air Show is full of adrenaline, action, light, and a lot of speed. The skies of Ponte de Sor will be full of excitement with airplanes performing breathtaking acrobatics.
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Night Show
An unforgettable show will take place at the Ponte de Sor Municipal Aerodrome. With an unprecedented composition made up of musicians, dancers, lights, airplanes, drones, and hot air balloons.

Ana Abrunhosa
Minister of Territorial Cohesion
Ana AbrunhosaMinister of Territorial Cohesion
Ana Agostinho
Head of Sustainability at Hi fly
Ana AgostinhoHead of Sustainability at Hi fly
Ana Santiago
Ana SantiagoCEO APCTA
Anabela Campos
Anabela CamposJournalist
Anabela Jorge
Chairperson of the Board, UCS – TAP Group Health Services
Anabela JorgeChairperson of the Board, UCS – TAP Group Health Services
Andre Duarte Stein
President & Chief Executive Officer at Eve Air Mobility
Andre Duarte SteinPresident & Chief Executive Officer at Eve Air Mobility
Andrew Hately
UTM Concept Expert - EUROCONTROL
Andrew HatelyUTM Concept Expert - EUROCONTROL
Anne Isaac
Academic and Training Manager -
Anne IsaacAcademic and Training Manager -
António Ceia da Silva
President at CCDR Alentejo
António Ceia da SilvaPresident at CCDR Alentejo
Antonio Licu
Head of OPS Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management at EUROCONTROL
Antonio LicuHead of OPS Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management at EUROCONTROL
António Menezes
Professor Economics at Azores University
António MenezesProfessor Economics at Azores University
António Moura Portugal
Partner, DLA Piper - RENA (Assoc. Companhias Aereas)
António Moura PortugalPartner, DLA Piper - RENA (Assoc. Companhias Aereas)
Armindo Rodrigues
Flight Instructor Retired Captain at USC TAP Air Portugal
Armindo RodriguesFlight Instructor Retired Captain at USC TAP Air Portugal
Bernardo Prisca
High School Student
Bernardo PriscaHigh School Student
Capitão Piloto Aviador Rodolfo Silva
Operacional F-16M Pilot at Portuguese Air Force
Capitão Piloto Aviador Rodolfo SilvaOperacional F-16M Pilot at Portuguese Air Force
Carlos Caldas
President at ITB, Inc.
Carlos CaldasPresident at ITB, Inc.
Fly In

This year, we open again the “fly-in” option allowing you to visit us with your light or ultralight aircraft.

Just submit your request for approval and get ready to make a “full stop” at Ponte de Sor airfield between October 13th and 17th.

What do the attendees say?
Discover Ponte de Sor

Discover Ponte de Sor and let yourself be surprised in the heart of Portugal.

Between the hot southern plains and the softness of the lezíria, the enchantment of the cork oak forest, splendorous, throbbing with life in every nook and cranny, in every holm oak branch, in every stream, in every threshing floor.

Find genuine people, unique flavors, the river, the reservoir, the cork, and the wine. Travel through traditions, from sacred to the profane, the contemporary to the timeless, in a tailor-made adventure.

Immerse yourself in nature, immerse yourself in culture, fly through the arts, walk through the sensations.

Dare to visit us!


Frequently Asked Questions

The event features conferences, an exhibitor area, interviews, daily airshows and an evening show.

The event will run with a limited number of people, which depends on the national pandemic landscape in October and the public health regulations in place at the time. With the current pandemic situation, we can expect around 3,000 daily visitors to the event venue.
The digital presence and transmission in a television format will always be present and will guarantee the event.

To watch the online broadcasting, you will have to register through our website to access the online platform of the event

It is an event that brings together the most relevant entities and personalities in the industry to debate and analyse the potential and future of aviation, aeronautics, space and defence and is a meeting point for the sector’s stakeholders.

The Conference Programme will be published progressively until the date of the event.

There will be dedicated outdoor areas to enjoy the airshow and so you can also be online through our online live streaming platform.